Chat with your Google contacts from

Email used to be once a very important part of what we called the Internet. And it is indeed one of the essence of this vast network, which still holds much importance even today when many of us are more comfortable sending short pieces of information via IM services and direct messaging clients like Facebook, BBM, and WhatsApp! Keeping this in mind, many software giants are providing chat clients embedded into their web-based email services. Google recently introduced Hangouts which replaces the older Google Talk; Microsoft recently started retiring its Messenger client, merging it with Skype; Yahoo! provides Yahoo! messenger, and so on.

Till a few days ago,, the renovated Hotmail service, used to allow users to chat with Messenger and Facebook contacts. Recently, the ability to chat with Google contacts was added. So, if you want to chat with your contacts on your Google account from,

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Switching Network type in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Preview has just been released to the public, and in case you have installed this preview build on your machine, chances are you might have observed that some software (especially security suites) that were working perfectly in your Windows 8 machine won’t work here. It is quite normal for third-party security companies to not support beta operating systems, as the code is not final, and is subject to change. A security suite is dependent on various internal parts of the OS, and so it will take Windows 8.1 to be released to manufacturing before they are officially supported by security giants like Kaspersky and ESET. So, like it or not, for the time being, security freaks will have to do with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.

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