Facebook Profile Picture Guard: Completely Preventive or just a Deterrent?

Facebook Profile Guard

This week, Facebook India launched a new tool called the Profile Picture Guard, which is aimed at preventing misuse of profile pictures by third parties and thereby giving an enhanced sense of privacy and safety to the users. But how well can it actually protect user privacy? Continue reading “Facebook Profile Picture Guard: Completely Preventive or just a Deterrent?”

Photo tagging abuse : A chagrin of social media

Although the word “tagging” was not coined by social media, yet today it has become quite commonplace, thanks to the mass acceptance and popularity of sites like Facebook and Instagram. We take group photos, upload them on these sites, share them with out friends, but we don’t stop there. We tag the people in them!

Tagging ensures that our friends get to know that we have uploaded their photo, allows our own friends to recognise others and get to know whom we spent those awesome moments at the beach with. But it also serves another purpose – it gives us a larger audience who gets to see the photo on their news feed. And some of these strangers are sure to “like” and “comment”, aren’t they?

Continue reading “Photo tagging abuse : A chagrin of social media”

The Adventurous Chronicles of 2014

Last year around this time, based on my trips to Dehradun, Bangalore, Chennai and Puri, and getting to interact with so many interesting people and receiving awards from IT giants, I thought that 2013 had been the most eventful year. And, I was right…. until 2014! Continue reading “The Adventurous Chronicles of 2014”

“Sit-and-Draw” Competition at SOS Children’s Village

As part of their NSS project, a group of students from Techno India, Salt Lake (including myself) visited SOS Children’s Village, located at Block-BK, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091, and successfully organized a “Sit-and-Draw” Competition with 28 children of the orphanage on 15th November, 2010.

On the receipt of a letter from the Registrar of Techno India, we were permitted to work on the premises of SOS Children’s Village on 15th November, 2010 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM by the Director of the orphanage. On the scheduled date, we reported at the office of the orphanage at 4:15 PM. However, the actual event could not be started before 5:00 PM as some of the children could not report in time. (The ones who had, had a playful time with some of the group members). The contest was originally supposed to be held with children of age group 6-14, but seeing the overwhelming enthusiasm from the children’s side, it needed to be revised to 6-17! Continue reading ““Sit-and-Draw” Competition at SOS Children’s Village”