Introducing “ME”

Sourav Ghosh
Sourav Ghosh

I am a computer science researcher and software developer, having recently graduated with an M.Tech degree in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur. Apart from academics, I help organisations in designing and developing in-house systems for web, cloud and native environments. I take an active interest in developing applications for well-established as well as upcoming platforms.

I like to travel and enjoy being part of diverse communities. Here I share my experiences as a technology enthusiast as well as a young adult who has recently joined the industry and look forward to rejoining after a short break to continue with academics. These are mainly in the form of blog posts.

To know more about me, visit the “About me” section or check out my resume on LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or just to get in touch with me.

Snapshots from memories
Snapshots from memories (Some of these images may or may not be featured in the header)


Facebook employing Image Recognition in Accessibility: An Informal Evaluation

Image recognition, especially, facial recognition is nothing new to casual users of smartphones and social networks. Many social networks including Facebook has been using facial recognition to suggest the names of “friends” while tagging newly uploaded photos. With increasing confidence values provided by modified algorithms, apps like Facebook Moments now boldly suggests that you sendRead more “Facebook employing Image Recognition in Accessibility: An Informal Evaluation”