The Adventurous Chronicles of 2014

Last year around this time, based on my trips to Dehradun, Bangalore, Chennai and Puri, and getting to interact with so many interesting people and receiving awards from IT giants, I thought that 2013 had been the most eventful year. And, I was right…. until 2014! Continue reading “The Adventurous Chronicles of 2014”

How to resume a failed download in Mozilla Firefox from the previous position

Nowadays, many of us use integrated download managers to download files of large sizes. As it is quite expected that such downloads might take quite some amount of time on typical household connections, support for pausing and resuming the download is quite important.

In modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox 22, Google Chrome 29, Internet Explorer 10, this feature is built in. However, when downloading files from servers which do not allow downloading using the same link after a certain period of time, effectively leads to the downloads getting cancelled over low-bandwidth connections if they are paused in between. Download may also fail because of many other reasons like power failure, network error, etc.

Anyway, so when it does fail using Firefox, resuming might cause the download to be restarted. Here I’ll share a simple workaround to get around this. Continue reading “How to resume a failed download in Mozilla Firefox from the previous position”